Services offered

Bespoke personal tailoring

"Clothing maketh the man". Ones choice of clothing is seen as a reflection of a persons personality and relationships they maintain.

Our bespoke tailoring service establishes a personal relationship between the master tailor and the client in order to translate the individuals needs into garments of exceptional quality and fit.

The bespoke tailoring experience is characterised by the 3 Cs – cut, cloth and construction.

Bespoke corporate attire

Standards of attire or dress codes are common within any substantial organization. In the case of corporate attire, the master tailor first works to understand the brand implications which must be translated into garments, working with considerations of practicality and variations in physical form to arrive at a cohesive solution to your corporate wardrobe requirements

Costume tailoring, theatre, performance

Having extensive knowledge and experience of clothing throughout history and cultures enables our costume service to create wonderful attire for both theatrical and performance areas.

The payne brand is now part of many major productions. Please see our gallery for examples.


Often garments can become less desirable due to fashion changes or become unflattering due to body changes. Let our innovative remodelling service bring a new lease of life to your existing garments.